Getting started on the 1st month of Reiwa

The number of foreign nationals establishing or working in Japan as management role has been increasing year after year. At the same time, there have been a number of difficulties regarding HR , and some conflicts have been caused with employment due to a lack of knowledge on Japanese labour laws and working practices in Japan. Furthermore, there are cases where foreigners have not been able to obtain proper benefits due to lack of Japanese social insurance and they and their families have not received sufficient medical treatment for diseases.
To avoid these problems and ensure safe and comfortable living conditions, it is necessary for them to have correct knowledge and information on the laws and systems in Japan. In particular, foreigners who are intending to come to Japan should collect sufficient information and prepare themselves in advance.
This blog consists of basic items for foreign nationals working, or wishing to work in Japan, to know how to get a job through the proper route and being able to work under proper management, providing you with the information you will need to work legally and comfortably in Japan. This blog will also, hopefully, assist in reducing the time needed to become accustomed to life in Japan and to Japanese culture. May your HR management in Japan be a prosperous and rewarding one.