Our Services

Member of us, all Labor and Social Security Attorney (Shakaihoken romushi) are  unique nationally licensed professional Attorneis  in Japan. Specializing in Labor laws, social security programs which are becoming more complex. We also specialises in  human resources management,  take pride in our professionalism and integrity, to provide assistance to you for more efficient business management.

We will  perform a range of services at customers’ request, including:

1. Carrying out labor and social insurance-related statutory procedures and other administrative paper work as a proxy for companies when hiring / leaving staff;

2. Compose Work Rules;

3. Consulting services in relation to safety and hygiene, as well as labor management (including drawing up work rules, planning and redesigning wage structures, as well as settling employment problems);

4. Mediation(Assen)  in individual employment disputes.;

5. Advisory on other employment management related issues. (Performance of services mentioned above by persons other than Labor and Social Security Attorney or Attorneys (Bengoshi) is prohibited by law.) ;

Our Professional services include:

1. Advisory contract on labor/employment issues;

2. Drawing/Renewal of Rules of Employment;

3. Improve Labor-Management relationship;

4. Legitimately optimise overtime payment;

5. Advise on amicable employment separation;

6. Management of non-Japanese speaking employees;

7. Employment related documents and contracts;

8. Instructor in Labor laws seminars either in-house or external;

9. Consulting and paperwork on Social/Labor insurance systems;

10. Review of Retirement Benefit rues;

English documentation is always available regarding these services.

Accompanying the owner of a company in case of government (Labor Standards Supervision Office or social insurance office)inspection Following Services (Examples) can be provided in alliance with our partner consultants.

1. Renewal of retirement benefit;

2. Design and review of HR systems, Wage systems and Evaluation systems; Additionally, we can provide solutions to various issues and problems in the HR management Area.