Rising Importance of Industrial Physicians (Company-Designated Medical Doctors)

The Work Style Reform and revisions to the Industry Safety and Health Act (ISHA) has become effective since this April, enhancing functions, duties, and responsibilities of industrial physicians (company-designated medical doctors) in maintaining the health of employees and the labour management. The employer must designate at least one doctor at the working place with 50 … Continue reading “Rising Importance of Industrial Physicians (Company-Designated Medical Doctors)”

How to Avoid Inefficiently Flexible Working Hours?

The Work Style Reform Law and associated revisions to labour law have come into effect since this April 1st. The comprehensive package of reform and revision in the law consists of 3 main pillars. The first is a legal cap on overtime working hours. The second is the implementation of “equal pay for equal work” … Continue reading “How to Avoid Inefficiently Flexible Working Hours?”

Employer’s “obligation to ascertain and calculate working hours”

The Labor Standards Act contains provisions on working hours, holidays, nighttime overtime work, and other working conditions. Employers are therefore under the obligation to properly ascertain and control working hours. According to the revision of law which came into effect on 1-April-2019, a company is required to manage the work hours of the all employee … Continue reading “Employer’s “obligation to ascertain and calculate working hours””

A Regulatory Limit on Overtime Work

As a part of 2019 Workstyle reform bills, this regislation literally promotes the contents of the present Ministerial Notice to a mandatory law and adds legal biding power to them. It will set a regulatory limit that cannot be exceeded even in cases with consensus between labor and management on temporary and special situations. In … Continue reading “A Regulatory Limit on Overtime Work”