Kaoru Kurata

Graduated from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (MBA with concentration in finance and accounting) in the U.S.

and Sophia University (BA in English Language with concentration in American Studies). Used to work for foreign-affiliated companies in financial sector for over 20 years.

Acting as labor and social security attorney, with strategic emphasis on ①dealing with labor management consultation both in English and Japanese、

②presentation on labor management issues such as “workstyle reform law” to management & HR professionals at foreign affiliated companies and Japanese small- to medium-sized companies. On top of that, experienced in

①giving training sessions on diversity and inclusion, as well as cross-cultural communication、

②how to effectively manage presentation and prepare presentation materials by power point both in English and Japanese.

Member of : Tokyo Metropolitan Labor and Social Security Attorney Association (Reg: 13140384)
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chartered Member of Security Analysts Association of Japan (CMA)
Certified Trainer of DiSC

English/Japanese speaking, a little Spanish