Tetsuro Kurata

Tetsuro Kurata

Graduated From Yokohama City University. Experienced global business in US based Large Scale Manufacturing Company.

Now, acting as Labor and social security attorney mainly focusing on foreign affiliated Companies. Licenses:•Certified Labor and social security attorney (Reg.:13040200)   

Based on international business experience, we provide Social Insurance and Labor Consulting services breaking the language barrier. One of our most proven and typical service is Drawing and Review of Work rules. We also provide reliable consulting on various labor related difficulties.

Member of:

Tokyo Metropolitan Labor and social security attorney Association

Small & Medium Enterprises Welfare Corporation Business Consortium for Small Companies & Ventures

The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

English/Japanese speaking


How to create English Work Rules using plain legal English

倉田哲郎、ローソン・キャロル共著   Written by : Tetsuro Kurata / Carol Lawson
September 8, 2014      Nihon Hourei K.K.