Does a company need to pay full salary to an employee during her Childcare Leave?

The answer is “NO”.

 A company shall grant maternity leave and childcare leave to an employee. Maternity leave starts from the day 6 weeks prior to expected birthdate get Childcare Leave until her child reaches 1 year. However, if the employee has some unavoidable reason that she cannot come back to work, then the leave may be extendable until her child reached 1 year and 6 months.

The company shall extend the leave again until the child reaches 2 years of age if there is still unavoidable reason that she cannot come back to work when the child reached 1 year and 6 month.

A company does not have to pay her any salary during these leaves. She can get benefit from her health insurance during her maternity leave and can get another benefit during her childcare leave from her employment insurance.

Usually, these application shall be filed by a company.

The company and the employee do not have to contribute her pension and health insurance during these leaves if a company apply for its exemption during her leave.