Mission Impossible for Employers: Be Careful of SNS Impact on Recruitment and Employee Retention!

The difficulties in hiring and retention of human resources in recent years are serious. In the case of small- to medium-sized enterprises in particular, mid-career hiring of talented human resources and young people, regardless of whether they are Japanese companies or foreign-affiliated companies, is a kind of “Mission Impossible”. Under such circumstances, employers have to pay strategic attention to the recruiting process of young people in recent years, which has become a time when the influence of SNS, especially to excessive negative comments and flames on SNS is inevitable. In recent years, young workers have checked ① average overtime hours per month and ② annual paid vacation taken % by writing site information in the process of new graduate job hunting and mid-career change activities, and decide whether to go to an interview first. Once there were significantly negative writings at the job change writing site on the internet, or in extreme cases, there were cases in which fires and incidents were made on the internet, which had a major impact on job openings and recruitment, and eventually the retention of employees, The damage is unexpectedly immeasurable. Nowadays, there are also law firms that companies pay a fair amount of money to the site to get rid of excessively negative writing from the site, or do the job of negotiating the site. Companies that run job change writing sites must be gaining such profits (you could recognize it via their TV commercials with expensive actors and actresses!!) In such a new era, what are the key points in the process of recruitment and employee retention? It seems that though evil to say, it is first and foremost important to establish working environment, where compliance with labour management is effectively maintained, and employees can see opportunities for career growth, so that good writing can be written by even employees who left the companies.